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A.H.U. unit with heat recovery VUT H mini version

A.H.U. unit with heat recovery VUT H mini version

Made of aluzink with 25 mm mineral wool internal heat and sound insulation.

Two G4 class built-in filters ensure supply and exhaust air fiiltration.

The unit is equipped with supply and exhaust centrifugal fans with backward curved blades and built-in thermal overheating protection with automatic restart. The electric motors and the impellers are dynamically balanced in two planes.

Heat exchanger
The plate heat exchanger is made of aluminium plates. Whenever heat recovery is not required for unit operation the heat exchanger block can be easily replaced by a “summer” block. The unit is also equipped with the drain pan for condensate drainage as well as with built-in icing protecting system. During operation of the heat exchanger in the winter time the heat from the warm exhaust air is transferred to the cold supply air. During extract air cooling some condsensate can appear. If the temperature of the intake air is below -5°С the condensate can get frozen. To prevent the heat exchanger freezing electronic icing protection system is applied. It switches the supply fan off as the temperature sensor requires. Warm extract air defrosts the heat exchanger, then the supply fan switches on and the unit continues operating under normal rated conditions.

Switching the unit on and its capacity control is performed with thyristor speed controller (РС-1-400) which provides smooth motor speed control over the range of 0-100%

Air handling unit is mounted on the floor and suspended to the ceiling by means of a seat angle with inserted vibration-damping element or attached to a wall with brackets. Mounting can be performed either in service spaces or in main premises above a suspended ceiling, in the pocket or the unit can be placed directly in the room. Mounting position shall provide correct condensate drainage. Access for maintenance and filter cleaning shall be reserved on the side of the removable

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