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About us

VENTSnl is the Dutch branch office for the worldleading manufacturing company VENTS in the Ukrain. We offer a broad range of products for the HVAC market.

History of VENTS Ukrain;

VENTS company was founded in the nineties of the XX-th century. Dynamic development of the enterprise and ongoing study of the consumer demand enabled rapid international leadership of the company in the ventilation industry.
VENTS is a powerful research and development enterprise with about 2000 professionals working as a single team to ensure a full production cycle from idea to end product.
The production base of the company is located at more than 60 000 m2 area. It includes 12 workshops equipped under the international standards and each of them is comparable to a separate plant. State-of-the-art high technology, leading-edge innovations, high automation brought VENTS company to the ventilation leader. This honorary title was confirmed by numerous national and international prizes and awards for the innovative quality products.
VENTS follows a development strategy based on fundamental researches and effective investigations and works out in the climate systems.
While creating our plant we considered a number of important principles:

  • location of all manufacturing facilities at one place and ensuring the best functional connection between them;
  • ensuring the complete production cycle with independent heating and water supply systems (own boiler plant, transformer and gas distribution substations, well-water supply system equipped with up-to-date cooling system;
  • gathering under one roof engineering, sales, logistic and supporting units for better communication between them;
  • providing the best working conditions and work conveniences for all the stuff;
  • environmentally friendly manufacture with maximum preservation of nature and its protection from any harmful impacts.

Today VENTS is one of a few producers that produce complete program of ventilation products of any complexity. Cooperation with VENTSTM provides you with the maximum range of top quality products from one manufacturer.
Expansion of VENTS manufacturing facilities, active implementation of technical innovations, production expansion let us become the worldwide ventilation leader.

 VENTSNL is your one stop shop for the HVAC market.

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