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ClimatVision would like to welcome you at its website.

ClimatVision BV is a leading multiple sourcing company, in the field of HVAC, with an highly qualified team, specialising in sourcing products that are manufactured all over the world. Our primary focus at ClimatVision is on custom designed orders.

In recent years more and more companies have realised the benefits that can be reaped from well calculated product promotions. ClimatVision BV specialise in helping companies raise brand awareness by providing high quality, low cost promotional items customised to the needs of the individual. We locate good quality Manufacturers, quote costs, place orders, arrange (combined) freight and supply on time within your budget.

Sourcing of promotional products can be a time consuming and costly process. At ClimatVision we have a dedicated team, which means our staff on the ground are able to source almost any product you can conceive as well as negociate the best price and possibly the most important of all, to ensure quality control at source. Marry this to an, more then 30 years, extensive network worldwide and you can see that ClimatVision is ideally placed to find the right products at the right prices, while ensuring quality control from manufacturing to delivery.

ClimatVision is your partner in developing your business. The product range reflecting the core business are intended for the HVAC business.

ClimatVision offers products that meet stringent requirements of different representative countries. We ensure that products remain on the leading edge of technology and comply with all major codes and standards throughout the world.

At ClimatVision we are comitted to ethical trade and have in place a strict Ethical Trade Policy by which all of our suppliers must adhere to. 


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